Wake me up when it’s all over

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be in the fourth grade again? Maybe not, then you would have to relive all those wonderful years. But one of the wonderful things about being a nine or ten-year old, at least during my time, was there were very few things that was stressful or agitating.

In my fourth grade music class my classmates and I were given the assignment of learning to play an instrument. We were to practice  a list of songs on these instruments and at the end of the semester give a recital to the entire fourth grade student body. Everyone sighed.

There were a few percussion instruments; tambourines, sleigh bells, xylophones, wood blocks, tom-tom drum, maracas, cymbals, cow bells, castanets, and the ever-loving flute. Now of course everyone was eying the drum but there were only three of each instrument available and to make things worse when assigning these instruments to the students she did so alphabetically. With the last name beginning with the letter “R” I automatically knew what instrument I was going to get (the ever-loving flute, praying will not help here).




So I went home with my delightful flute and music sheets to practice. I complained to my mother. Told her how there were all these great instruments and I’m stuck with a stupid flute. She told me, “I needed to step out of my comfort zone, try something new.” In other words; “Suck it up and do what you got to do.”  With two other kids I practiced playing the flute after school and then alone at home. I tried to think positive about playing the flute, but it was not working, the flute sounded horrible, I knew in my heart the other students playing the more desirable instruments were going to sound way better. Finally it was the day of the recital, luckily the flute players were first. We sounded bad and so did everyone else. This surprised me. But one thing for sure each and every one of us were glad it was finally over.

Sometimes we have to do things we do not like. Or in order to conquer fear we need to step out of our comfort zone. But once we complete the task one of  two things will happen: we feel good about our accomplishment(s) or glad that it’s all over.

Here’s how a good flute player sounds:



What’s in a name





My name

I never liked it much

people thought I was “crazy”

“I would love to have that name” they would say

it’s unique

it’s sophisticated

it has style
  ( what is style?)

At one time I thought: ” what was my mother thinking?”

where was her brain?

I’m beginning to love my name now…though it took a while

It’s origin is said to be Spanish-American

It’s meaning “The Lady” from the combination of La (The) and Donna (Lady)

although my friends may say it’s the perfect fit

I say “I can grow to love it…I guess

There are writings about this lovely name

with traits that don’t quite describe me: unpredictable, unique, beautiful, outgoing, life of the party (where do “they” get this stuff?)

But here is one truth

it’s much to late for me to deny

A name of LaDonna to be my precious pride


Secret Love Affair


I’m here

in this place

I feel peace

I don’t feel ashamed

or disgraced

to meet here

when I need to escape once in a while

from those dark clouds that try to follow me…muddle me

it is here…when it’s just me…my spirit

my mind is free…this is my ecstasy

I am alone

although there may be a crowd behind me


my magical place

a rendezvous

my hiding place

not your utopia

or paradise

but my Xanadu

my clandestine

secret love affair





I’ve Fallen for Autumn

What is your favorite season? Mine is autumn. It wasn’t always my favorite. When I was younger I enjoyed spring and summer, I still enjoy spring with the exception of pollen and hay fever allergies, but I no longer enjoy summer.

The fall the air is cool, not too cold and definitely not freezing. I no longer need to use my air conditioner and I don’t feel as if the sun is trying to cook me and have me for lunch or dinner. I’m not sweating profusely and instead of taking three showers I’m back down to one so I’m saving on expenses from excessive use of water and electric.

The colors of the leaves on trees are beautiful; the oranges, yellows, and reds are especially attractive when these colors are entwined on one leaf. I think about drinking hot chocolate and I can resume drinking coffee without overheating in summer’s extreme heat.



I’m sure I’m not the best persuasive person. This is not my goal. I believe it’s important to be happy in every way possible because life is much to short to be anything but happy.


I am not what h…

I am not what has happened to me I am what I choose to become.
~Carl Jung

Who hasn’t gone through life and come across obstacles? Some people have experienced more stumbling blocks than others, doubting if they will ever see that light at the end of the tunnel or having to reach the end of the tunnel  only to get hit by a train. Although life may have various levels of difficulties most of our opinion about life is based on how we choose to look at things. When accoutered by an obstacle(s) it is our choice to give up or thrive onward. Sometimes we may have to refocus our path to achieve a goal, accept that it could take a little longer to accomplish a goal or it may time to create a new goal. Either way we owe it to ourselves not to give up on life and living. Just think about all the wonderful things that we can achieve even if we have to change our goals. Opportunities are abundant we just need to refocus.

Just like taking pictures. Sometimes we need to adjust the settings of the camera, take our time or change our positioning in order to get the perfect shot.

This quote brings to mind of a similar quote:

I can be changed by what happens to met

but I refuse to be reduce by it.

~Maya Angelou

When life seems so troublesome that we feel we can’t go on, we need to take a deep breath, remember that life offers an abundance of opportunities and it does not pay give up on life and living. Life is meant to be enjoyed and we deserve to be happy. It is up to us to focus on all the positives of life and grow from all the negatives.