Lovin’ the Beach

Now that it’s spring I can’t wait to go to the beach. The closest beach to me is in New Jersey. I usually go to Atlantic City. I like going while it’s not too warm and the water is cool (It’s usually cool in the evenings anyway). During this time the beach is so much at peace and no crowds. I don’t like a crowded beach. I’m a little selfish. I like to think the beach is here, just for me. I can truly experience the relationship between me, the ocean, the sand, even the seagulls (I don’t care for them much).

Not everyone will experience the same feeling. I can feel the ocean just calling me, sorry, don’t mean to sound poetic but that’s how the beach/ocean feels when there is no one else around. Every photographer, professional or a novice like myself, has an attraction to what makes him or her happy. And photography is about making yourself happy. It’s therapy so that you don’t have to choke someone.



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