With friends like you….

One evening while sleeping an idea comes to me for a short story. It’s not often that I remember ideas that come to me during bedtime or while dreaming so I was surprised that this one stuck. I really need to start keeping a note book under my pillow.

It’s not the greatest, but I thought it is a start. A start of what I don’t know.

I’ve made the mistake of lending my friend Charles my grill. I loved this grill. It was not  huge, or fancy with different knobs or gadgets, nor was it expensive, but it cooked food perfectly. It did not matter what charcoal I used either. It could be the name brand such as Kingford, or the store brand, one time I was brave and brought charcoal from a local dollar store. Good news! Nothing blew up and the food still tasted great, however, I never told anyone I brought charcoal from the dollar store. Could you imagine the reaction I would get?

Anyway one summer Charles asked if he could borrow my grill. He said he was having a party for his daughter that was pregnant at the time (that one is a story for Jerry Springer). I was reluctant, but I knew Charles for a long time and trusted him so I allowed him to use it for his event. I learned later that this was a mistake. After some time I began to notice that Charles started to avoid me. Every time I came outside he would run back into his house, avoided eye contact, or would run to his car and jet. I was like what the heck (except I did not use word “heck” and the word I used did not start with the letter “h”). After a few months I finally was able to approach Charles, I was not to concern about the grill (well that was a lie), I just wanted to know what was up. He told me everything was fine, we were fine, he’s just had a lot on his mind with his daughter having the baby and the overall “situation”.

“How was the party, did my grill work out okay?” I asked. I really wanted my grill back.

“Ummm, man I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

“Oh oh, this isn’t good” I thought to myself.

“What’s the problem?”

“Your grill has a big hole in it”

I felt my heart jump out my chest and saw it running down the street. “What!!”  “How that happened?”


The look on my face showed I wasn’t playing.

“I put too much charcoal in it”

“What you do, put the whole bag in it?”


“You dumb jackass” This wasn’t my first word choice.

“You’re going to buy me a new one”

“Oh yeah man, I was on my way to buy you a new one…I’m getting it today”

In a few hours Charles was knocking at my door. I opened the door and Charles was holding this small box in his arms.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a grill”

“That’s no grill!!”

“Yes it is, it was on sell for $9”

“My grill did not cost $9”

“I know but with my daughter’s kid coming and all I thought…”


I took the box out of his arms, opened the box, pulled out this small grill and sat it in the doorway. I knelt down to get a closer look. The grill was bright blue, I mean so bright it could blind you in the sun, it sat about two feet high, you can only cook two hamburger patties or four hot dogs. It was a big enough grill for one or two people, this was not a grill for a party. I looked up at my friend as if I wanted to kill him, deep inside that’s what I wanted to do.


“You’re welcome”

I looked up at my friend and rolled my eyes. We were silent for a while. Then my friend asked me an unbelievable question.

“Can I borrow this?”

“Are you serious!!!”





5 thoughts on “With friends like you….

  1. Loved the story,and honestly my friend might have got beat with that same grill after asking the question

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