Picking Straws

I like using writing prompts to inspire new ideas for a poem or short story. Writing prompts are short sentences, bunch of words, or even a picture that encourage inspiration to create a piece of writing. These prompts can be responded to as directed or manipulated in a creative way for a different perspective.

Sometimes these prompts can be used to inspire ideas for a blog. I frequently visit various sites to get such ideas. One idea that caught my attention was:

Think of eleven uses for a drinking straw – except drinking!

So here’s my attempt:


Straws can be useful

more than just for drinking

For one they would make great weaponry

hanging out the window using them as a tool

for blowing small bits of paper as people pass by

Throwing straws up high in the air

letting them fall as they may

playing pick the straw

Connecting straws from tip to tip

piece by piece

in attempts to use for a rope

and when all else fails

to construct a house

much to small

to hide

So if you need ideas for that inspiring blog try these websites for writing prompts. Remember these statements or ideas can be arranged for a more creative written piece.

Writers Digest 

Creative Writing Prompts



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