Text Message… Old School Style



This is the age where emails and sending text messages has replaced the nostalgia of hand written notes. There’s not much I miss about high school, although, I admit I miss the experience of passing notes during class. Somehow I can’t imagine sending text messages will have the same thrill as passing notes throughout the classroom while trying to avoid being caught by the teacher.

It seemed like such an enjoyable time to have everyone’s cooperation in the participation  of this task. Even if certain classmates did not get along (although in most cases great effort was made to avoid those classmates).

Imagine sitting in a classroom of 30 students and writing a note to a friend who is sitting several seats away. Then watching this note being passed from student to student everyone carefully watching the teacher and trying not to get caught. Tension rises. When the note finally reaches your friend a sigh of relief is felt throughout the classroom including yourself. You watch your friend’s reaction as the note is open and read. Sending a text message is not quite the same.



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