Happiness is…

We like to make a good impression. We strive to be accepted by others because it matters how other people think of us. Having this mindset is not good because it can cause us to do whatever we can in order to please others instead of ourselves. We can’t always please one person yet alone everyone we know, therefore, we become overwhelmed, stressed, depressed or even angry. When it comes to living our lives to the fullest our happiness matters.

The key is to stop trying to please others just to make them happy. What matters is that we accept, appreciate, and love ourselves. Everything else in life will happen for us in time. This does not mean that we ought to be mean to people, we just have to realize that our peace of mind and happiness matters. When we allow others to control the way we feel or our happiness it affects our total well-being. We need to do those things that brings happiness and peace into our lives so that we can live the most happiest and healthiest life we can live.


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