Life Lesson 101

I loved going to the play ground when I was a child. There was this one summer I met this girl who was visiting her family for the summer. We were playing on the swings and she was swinging very high, I was admiring the heights she was soaring, then she asked me why I was swinging so low,  I told her I was afraid of heights. Then she told me, “You’re too young to be afraid of anything.” At that time what she said made sense. She encouraged me to overcome my fears. So she started to push me on the swings, slowly increasing my heights until I was soaring as high as she. This was exciting and fun. I remember going to the playground everyday just to swing on the swings. I swung high, it almost seemed as I was flying and this time I wasn’t afraid to try to touch the sky.

I used to be afraid to climb and swing across the monkey bars or hang upside down on the railings of the park, when my other friends saw me playing this way, they were puzzled, they did not understand what had gotten into me. I told them I wasn’t afraid anymore. Meeting this girl allowed me to be open to experience more opportunities to have fun and really enjoy myself. If I had continued to be afraid or did not allow this girl to guide me to overcome my fears, I would had missed out on opportunities of feeling free and having fun. This was my lesson. To relax and enjoy being a kid because childhood is short-lived.

There are reasons people come into our lives. The reasons are numerous from teaching us the importance of life and living, to stop taking life and people for granted, or even teaching us the way we wish or do not wish to become. My fear of heights have returned and I’m okay with this, I have some courage to try new things (within reason, of course) and have learned to take advantage of many other opportunities that exists.


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