I Am



…are two most powerful words. How would you complete this sentence? Having self-confidence is an important aspect on enjoying life and living. Self doubt will rob you of an enjoyable, productive, and healthy life. It hurts you emotionally and mentally which will in turn hurt physically causing tension and physical pain possibly leading to depression.

Don’t allow self-doubt and negative thoughts to rule your life. Start the day, everyday, with positive thoughts or seeing one thing positive in your day. This could be as simple as the sun shining. The words you say, however, should be believable to you or else trying to enforce positivity will not work. You may not believe you are great or awesome, but despite popular beliefs it’s fine to be “okay.” So if you feel you’re just okay, than say; “I am okay.” Maybe later you will begin feeling better and stronger then you can begin to add that you are awesome or great or even spectacular.



Building self-esteem and letting go of self-doubt is a day-to-day process. It takes time and it’s all right to start small and work slowly towards more positive words and outlook. Remember the positive words you say to yourself must be believable to you in order for you to begin feeling more self-confident and self-assured.

Some people are very confident but I’m sure there are most people who experience an occasional self-doubt or negative thoughts trying to play inside the mind, the key is not to allow them to rule your life or stay playing inside your head.  A positive outlook on life is great for the mind, spirit, and overall health so that you can live the best and most enjoyable life.


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