A smart choice



I thought about blogging a long time ago when I was looking for something else to do with my life besides doctor appointments, watching Animal Planet, and playing Farmville on Facebook (I was getting addicted to this game, it was sad). One day on my trip downtown to people watch and drink coffee, I stopped at Barnes and Nobles to see if I could buy a book about blogging. I didn’t doubt that I can create a blogging account, I was hoping by purchasing a book this would help me become a better writer.

The book was titled; “Blogging for Dummies,” I was insulted at first, I’m not the smartest person in the world, but I don’t consider myself a dummy. But I think it was a good investment. The terminology explained in the book was very useful, but all other information was straight forward. Some people like books to guide them through the process. It’s so happen, I’m one of those people.



I was fearful about starting to blog because I did not think my writing skills was up to par. The lack of self-confidence stemmed mostly from while I attended college having a professor (and I use this term lightly) said that my writing skills is sub par because of the high school that I attended and my environmental surroundings (neighborhood/background). I allowed this phrase to play over and over inside my mind. This is the reason we must be careful of the words we chose to say when offering someone “encouragement” or advice.

This phrase still plays in my mind from time to time, but it no longer has such a great effect on me. I know I need to improve and I’m making steps to strengthen my skills instead of moping. I have been reading more often (I still play Farmville, not as much), researching and studying about writing tips and I purchased a grammar book that I read periodically.

I’m glad I started to blog. It has become an enjoyable experience. I now feel more comfortable blogging and writing.ย  I love the writing and interaction with others. The more I write and interact the better I begin to feel.

I would say this is one of the smartest choicest I’ve made and I don’t often make smart choices. I would just like to thank everyone in the blogging community for making me feel comfortable and allowing me to gain more confidence.


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