Change is around the corner

On a weekend evening my close friends and I had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. It was a wonderful time, spending time with friends, laughing and reminiscing about the good times we use to have. We had dinner at the most popular Chinese restaurant in the city, it was a good thing reservations were made, instead of sitting down and eating we would standing and waiting in line along with people who were standing outside staring at us. Everyone was finishing up their meals, drinks and desserts I was beginning to feel sorry that this evening was about to end. Everyone would be going back home or wherever. The waiter brought us the check and fortune cookies.  After the check was paid, everyone read his or her fortune, which always contains inspirational and meaningful messages, then it was my turn. My fortune read; “Change is around the corner.”

I needed this because I have been depressed and feeling hopeless. Having to read such a positive message cheered me up quite a bit not to mention spending time with friends instead of alone with the cat. Although I love my cat. So we all said our good byes outside the restaurant door and went our separate ways. The inspiring message I read from the fortune cookie played in my mind I began to look forward to new and refreshing things. I walked alone down the street on my way to the bus stop, smiling along the way. When I turned the corner I fell into a deep ditch.

I guess that’s what was meant with a change was around the corner.


9 thoughts on “Change is around the corner

      1. You have a peaceful Sunday 🙂 & write,I will be looking to read something later;homework got me now.

      2. You have a dry Memorial Day,it’s storming here,a good thing.I enjoyed reading everything and I will be posting my heart away tonight 🙂

  1. Your post made me smile! 😉 I’m no expert but I feel sure there are some nicer things than a ditch ahead of you! I love a great night out at a Chinese restaurant. Thanks for reminding me that I should treat myself soon.

    ps I love the look of your blog. Chic design!

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