Living life like it’s Golden

While attending elementary school, I remember having to memorize and recite the “Golden Rule” (Doth unto others as you would have others doth unto you). This was the morality or code of ethics and was mandatory, a must, it was so important that it was a part of our grade. We had to recite this epic saying often. We started every school day with the repeating of the National Anthem and reciting the Golden Rule then the teacher will give a brief “lecture” on treating people the way you would like to be treated before proceeding with our “regular” lessons. Then once again before we enter the lunch room we had to repeat the Golden Rule. The teachers wanted to make sure it was embedded into our brains and hearts. I don’t know about my classmates but I had dreams about these words.

It seemed to had work there were minimum fights and bullying. Somehow the meaning of treating others the way you wish to be treated has gotten lost. Some people seem to have no regard toward the feelings of others until their feelings get hurt even then some people seem not to “get it.” I wonder even if the saying was embedded in our daily lives, would it mean anything. This is such a busy society. A society so involved with technology. A society so involved with perfection yet people continue to treat others with disrespect and unkindly. What’s perfect about that?

This saying has been long forgotten and maybe if reintroduce maybe society as a whole could be improved. There may not be such a drastic improvement but maybe people will take a second to think before treating others with unkindness.


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