Few of my Favorite Things

This the Daily Post is challenge entails creating a list. The key word is creating. List is just what it is a list of things which could be bended into the creation of a short story, poem, narrative poem, even a list poem. It could be a daily list of things we need to do, want to do, or even a bucket list.

I’m always up for a challenge (well maybe not always) this is my attempt at this week’s challenge: Enjoy!



Kitten faces

An older cat love


Writing (poems, short-stories, blogging, journal)

although it could be quite painful at times…this is literally


it’s warmth and glow


although they don’t love me


although they could be quite a pain at times (it’s in their nature)


lots and lots and lots of it

Watching the moon and the stars

Reading Books

almost anything, trying to come in agreement with romance novels (this should be fun)

Watching anything comedy

as long it’s in pure taste

Sitting in silence (my thoughts and me) watching nature (whatever that may be)

at the park, near the lake, at the beach, near the ocean, watching a glistening creek


oh did I say reading

Blue (my favorite color)

Jazz (my favorite music genre-no surprise there)

Earth Wind and Fire (my favorite group)

Stevie Wonder (my man, not literally)

Najee (my favorite jazz man, this was really hard)

Milkshakes (my favorite non-alcoholic drink)

Sangria (my favorite alcoholic drink)

and pizza (the food I can’t live without)

even though my digestive system suggests otherwise


17 thoughts on “Few of my Favorite Things

  1. Great list!! I loved that kitten faces made your list because they are just so cute!! I am totally a cat person ❀

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