Life after high school

Life teaches us to really appreciate who we are and cherish life itself. It may take a while, but we eventually get there (well some people). We also learn that there are many people to whom we can relate. Through daily living and encountering people we begin to learn what is really important. As we listen to other people speak about the way they feel about themselves, their lives, or life in general, we begin to formulate our thoughts and realize what is important. Is it important to be trendy with the current styles? Is is “hip” to buy the latest technical gadgets while struggling to pay rent? Or is life’s true measure is the ability to accept yourself, stop comparing yourself to others or stop trying to follow another person style or personality trait.

I use to wish I were taller. I would walk around in my room wearing my mother’s heels pretending to have long luscious legs. In my young life, I thought life would be better if I were taller, more glamorous (whatever that means when you’re young) nobody would pick on me, pat me on the top of the head (as if I were a dog), my clothes would fit better, more slimming, and I would not have to ask for help to reach for the things I needed.

I even wore heels on a daily basis throughout high school and college (my legs and ankles are currently thanking me for this by causing me daily pain) because I refused to accept my short statue and still thought my life would be easier.

It wasn’t until I was in high school when I realize that I was not the only one unhappy with my appearance. The funny thing was that the taller girls wished to be shorter. They complained not finding clothes especially pants to fit them, their feet being so long and having to wear unstylish shoes and boys being intimidated of them because of their height. They thought shorter girls got more attention, were cuter, and had a choice of more stylish clothes. It was then life taught me that it seemed almost everyone had issues with appearances.

I was never happy with my appearance especially my height, but now that I’m older and have grown more sense, my short statue no longer bothers me. Sometimes it takes life to teach us to truly appreciate ourselves. We are more than appearances. We are a spirit with emotions, character, and individual style, we also have a mind that is fully capable of thought and formulating opinions.


4 thoughts on “Life after high school

  1. I feel you,but only thing is my mom couldn’t get me in the heels,I loved my timberlands and nikes.I didn’t like being the short girl but grew to love it later in life.I grew up lol Loved your post as always.

    1. Wearing heels constantly has really taught me to appreciate myself, too bad I had to learn a “painful” lesson. Give me sneakers, sketchers, new balance any day.

      1. Yes,I agree love the NBs too they cute on our small feet,plus we pay less for our shoes.It’s a good thing. πŸ™‚

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