I stirred around in bed, unable to peacefully sleep or rest my mind

a cool breeze awakened me but it seemed I was still in a daze, then I an image of her then felt captured inside a dream. I felt the warmth of her hand gently touching my face, her fingers lightly combed through my unruly hair, her voice so soothingly calm as she whispered in my ear; “It’s all right, everything is all right, I’m okay, I’m safe.” the words resonated in my dreams as I felt myself drifting to sleep, her hands continued to ease me. Her hands were warm as the sun and soothing as the ocean water. I continued to hear her words of comfort throughout the night, consoling my racing thoughts. I began to dream about her, my friend, she and I sitting on tires floating down the river bank. Playing at the beach, in the sand, taking walks in the park and riding our bikes through rugged trails.

When I awoke, feeling fresh from what seemed a long, enduring dream leaving me feeling serene. Then I remember seeing her, my friend that is no longer here.


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