On a mission

In my attempt of becoming a better writer I have resumed my long neglected reading activity. I’m trying to dabble in many genres so that my chances of strengthening my skills are greater, besides if I should decide to write my million-dollar novel I have a vast category to which I can select.  I never really considered myself an avid reader but I try to read as often as I can. It doesn’t help that I’m a slow reader. Sometimes a certain book is so captivating that I want to absorb every word and truly understand every dynamic of the story.

According to my Goodreads account I have nearly 1000 books on my to read list and it’s constantly growing, considering that most of these books are over 300 pages (to my amazement) did I mention that I’m a slow reader, who knows when I will “catch up.” One thing for sure I will accomplish my goals of becoming a much stronger writer, an avid reader and I will stay off the streets.

My choices of books to read are quite “interesting.” Maybe there are books that appear on my list that may appeal to your taste(s).





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