It’s all about the coffee

I’ve updated this post because I keep forgetting that I’m not just posting “local” but universal, so here’s the change. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Everyone knows Starbuck, this coffeehouse is not only nationwide but throughout the world. Wawa is one of those convenient markets like 7-11 or maybe some Sunoco’s there are smaller version of these stores throughout some cities most of them however are connected with gas stations. In comparing Starbucks to a convenient store like Wawa, my choice would be Wawa.

Starbucks v.s. Wawa that has been all the rave and probably the “fight” will always continue. My co-workers and some friends that was all they talked about, Starbucks this, Starbucks that, I was a Wawa fan, nothing could tear me away. So I decided to give Starbucks a try at $6 it should be some amazing coffee.

The first thing I tried was the hot chocolate and I loved it. It was $4 and I thought to myself it better be “awesome.” Then I tried the coffee. I did just about all flavors and types: cappuccino, frappuccino, lattes and let me say, I’m not impressed. I know everyone is about to boo, I may lose some endorsements, get email threats, and so on but everyone taste is different (that’s why this world is so magnificent). I was expecting this coffee to have some amazing flair and I was let down and I felt my money going down the drain. So I will stick to my Wawa and I will welcome email threats or any other kind of threat possible. You have your coffee, Starbucks, and I have mine, Wawa.


5 thoughts on “It’s all about the coffee

  1. lol what is Wawa,you know I’m from the south,we have a Starbucks but I don’t like it.I always go to Books a million ,and enjoy their coffee shop.Or I will hook my own up .

  2. I once saw a bumper sticker “Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks”. Love or hate, it is preference. Personally, I can find a better brewed coffee in lots of other places, and usually cheaper too. 🙂

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