Ocean View

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My son and I are packed, this time we have separate suitcases because he’s too grown to be packing his clothes along with mine, I’m glad he has his own luggage too, a degree of separation is much appreciated. So we are in the living room watching t.v. waiting for our ride to come. On the spur of the moment we have decided to go to Atlantic City, New Jersey, my son’s grandfather is driving, packed in the car will be my son, his grandparents and myself. Teddy, my son grandfather will be driving 2 hours from Philadelphia to the beaches of Atlantic City.

On the ride to our destination, there’s not much scenery, just rolls and rolls of trees, the highway, cars and trucks, I can’t wait to get to AC so I could walk the beach and hunt for seashells (taking sand is illegal, but I manage to take a little on the sly). We finally reach Atlantic City and registered at a hotel casino (Trump, I believe) one of the many high-rise hotels in Atlantic City,ย  it so happened we (my son and I) were on one of the top floors and I’m afraid of heights so I’m closing my eyes and holding my stomach on the way up, praying along the way. This is the same process I do going down as well, I don’t like high places. (My son’s grandparents were on a lower floor, lucky them, well maybe not) My son and I are sharing a room, I’m surprised he would want to share a room with his mom. When we get to our room, I immediately opened the curtains, sit down at the chair near the window and just watch the powdered blue sky. It was not sunny that day but the scene is quite nice. This time we’re over looking the beach, last we had the vision of some lovely dumpsters.

So I’m sitting in a daze watching the partly cloudy sky, the sand, the sea gulls, the people walking along the beach, a couple of people getting ready to surf, and the smooth movements of the ocean, rolling back and forth, so calming, so rhythmic. If I was on the beach at that moment, watching the ocean’s rhythm I probably would had fallen asleep on the beach. Now Atlantic City is not one of the greatest beaches, but it is quite a nice view, any beach I imagine would be a nice view. And at night-time, the view is so marvelous, I had a camera but it was a disposable one and I wish I could had taken the picture but…. anyway the moon is so full, so bright, so deep, hovering over the ocean, it looked like a huge pearl just hanging over a sea of darkness, I wanted to reach out and touch it, although I knew it would be impossible, I just sat and stared out the window for hours. There were some people walking on the boardwalk that late at night.

Sleeping was somewhat overwhelming, I could still hear the ocean and this was somewhat distracting for me, of course my son is in the other bed snoring, I can not sleep, maybe it was the excitement of the day. The next morning I did manage to wake up early before most people, walked on the beach for a little bit and hunt for shells. My son would say I have way too many shells, I say I don’t have enough. My bag was a bit heavier coming home. I did manage to take some pictures while walking on the beach with my Fuji disposable camera.

So that was my spontaneous mini-vacation. Enjoying the sight of the beach, the ocean from the 4oth floor of a high-rise hotel and I’m afraid of heights, the height did not seem to bother me at this moment.

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