Songs that enriched my life

Choosing a favorite song is difficult for me because there are so many songs that I like, enjoy, view as influential, moving or inspirational, that make me smile, make me do a silly off rhythm out of beat crazy dance, but I will say this jazz is my favorite type of music, I became extremely interested in jazz once I heard this saxophonist play such beautiful music, it was so relaxing, so moving, it could ease me to sleep not because I was bored but because it was just relaxing like being on a beach type of relaxing. This song was ironically called “The Song Bird” by Kenny G, and a song bird it was, the tone, the rhythm flowed moved brought joy like a bird soaring, singing. Listening to Kenny G “turned’ me into a jazz enthusiast, before I was interested in groups like Earth Wind and Fire, Commodores, etc. So song bird would be my number one most influential/moving song because it’s relaxing, makes me ease into sleep without trying.

The second song that is my go to, I can say is a gospel song, I’m not much of a fan, but this song is very uplifting as well as inspirational, many gospel songs are inspirational and what I would consider thought-provoking although I can go for the songs that trigger thought, they are not my go to songs because they are too deep and sometimes I don’t want to think, I either want to be happy, be relaxed or dance. This gospel song that is inspirational and put a smile on my face, also ironically “I smile” by Kirk Franklin, I could be depressed, in a “not so good mood” and hearing this song will make me smile, not a huge smile all the time, but it will make me smile every time.

The last song really makes me act silly, actually there are many songs that make me act silly, so truth be told this was not easy, but this song was a song of the seventies. Seventy songs are absolutely my favorite, it has nothing to do with my age, really, I just happen to love songs of the seventies, I have friends that are the same age (in the 40’s) and they can not stand seventies music. This song is “Get Off” by the band Foxy (seventies the age of big bands), it makes me “Jump Around” (This song is also my favorite by House of Pain) and dance like I’m having a seizure (my son just looks at me like something’s wrong with me)

So there you have it three songs that get me going from the extremely relaxed, smiling, and going crazy like I’m having an epileptic seizure. What songs get your blood pumping, flowing, bring a smile to your face, make your day a better and happier day?


9 thoughts on “Songs that enriched my life

  1. Wow, first time I am meeting someone who loves KennyG. I love KennyG, the one has the power to cleanse me, bring me out of any stressful conditions and has the magical powers to change the whole atmosphere. 🙂

      1. Hi,

        Breathless, Greatest Hits, Paradise – My most fav. albums. Accidentally stumbled upon Innocence of KennyG way back in 98, fell in love instantly. 🙂

        Nice evening. 🙂

        Babu, Suresh

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