Love a Good Story


My son used to love being read to when he was younger. I thought this would lead him to enjoy a life long time of reading even if the books were sports, graphic arts, or comics. As it turns out he doesn’t like books, however, he will read articles on the Internet, I guess I can’t complain, he is reading.

Some of us had our favorite books, for my son it was “Night House Bright House,” I read this book to him so much I did not even need to open the book. He had plenty of other books and no matter how much I tried to encourage him to listen to one of the other books, it was always this book. I tried  to hide the book, but was unsuccessful, he would manage to find it, and if he did not find the book he would just whine and cry until I gave in.


As a child I had a favorite book too, but unlike my son, I did not want anyone to read to me, I enjoyed finding a quiet spot and reading quietly to myself. My favorite book was; “Are You There God?, It’s me Margaret”  I read this book over and over, I never grew tired of it. My mother use to say to me; “Why don’t you read your other books?” But I would continue to read my favorite so I guess I can’t complain when my son became attached to this one particular book over many others.

There are books that become our favorites for many reasons. The stories relate to who we are, inspirational, make us laugh, make us think or take us on adventures we could never imagine. For my son, “Night House Bright House” made him laugh and for me “Are You There God?, It’s me Margaret,” this was a coming of age story, a story about growing up. Did you ever have a favorite book from childhood? Why did you enjoy this particular book?



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