It was just a dream



My “dream” has finally come true, I am now a renowned author and power blogger. I have over 1 million followers just from my blog alone. I don’t even remember how many Twitter and Facebook followers I have (3.25 million followers). I have sold twice that much in e-book sales, mass books sales, sales from movies adapted to my book. My schedule is full with book signings tours, interviews and various speaking engagements. And now that I’m breaking into writing lyrics for famous musicians I could not be any happier with my accomplishments. It’s not just the money(not that being the highest paid author is a bad accomplishment) that makes me proud, I knew I had it in me to be “great” to achieve my goals, my dreams, I have never felt so fulfilled.

Then I heard a hand clapped two times. My sister, standing in front of me, holding my Starbucks® uniform in her hands, “Time to stop dreaming princess, it’s time to make the donuts or in this case the scones.”

“You’re such a dream-kill”

“Just get your uniform on, the public awaits for your brilliant work”

“Bite me!!”


2 thoughts on “It was just a dream

  1. Never stop dreaming…that hand clap might start at two – but then becomes those of a million hands praising your achievements. Nothing’s impossible…

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