What to do with all these tomatoes?


Do you have an abundance of tomatoes, here are some ideas, I must warn you one idea is somewhat unconventional.


1) Cook tomato soup

2)Not a tomato soup fan, then try tomato stew

3)Neither of those work, okay, how about tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce, apparently the difference is in thickness

4)You can make tomato pie

5)Or, a tomato sandwich

6)Better yet battered fried tomatoes

7)You can blanch tomatoes then can, jar or freeze them.

8)If you are brave you can try your hand at pickled tomatoes

9)You can also stew tomatoes (less water used) which is basically steamed tomatoes and different from tomato stew

10) You can make tomato jelly or jam (yes there is a difference).

  • Apparently with jelly fruit comes in form of fruit juice
  • Jam the fruit comes in form of fruit pulp or crushed fruit and less stiff then jelly

11) None of those ideas inspire you there’s always tomato salad

12)You can make tomato ketchup in hopes of putting Hunts and Heinz out of business (Too Ambitious?)

13) Lastly, you can purchase a ticket to see a show of a comedian you don’t like, go to the show with your strategically hidden tomatoes, when that comedian hits the stage, throw those tomatoes and run like hell, make sure you wear good running shoes.






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