"class is in session"

“class is in session”


Keeping up with the assignments of writing 101, Day seven involves going to a public location and make a detailed report of what you see. The twist of the day? Write the post without adverbs.


On a day when a dense fog reign, it is the clouds that shines, and the sun does not seem to want to be bothered at least early in the morning, I decide to venture out. I take the subway downtown because I don’t drive, don’t know how to and unsure if I want to learn. It’s during these occasions where I wish I was in a country like Puerto Rico where the subway stations look like museums instead of alley ways.

Some subway stations are quite clean, that is only in certain neighborhoods, the tiles sparkle and gleam. And the subway platforms are so clean you could eat off them, okay I’m exaggerating, but they are clean, maybe not hospital clean, but clean nevertheless. In some stations the tiles are a rainbow of blues, purples, pinks, reds and greens mosaic art work. Yet in other stations are so dirty and trashy it’s as if they represent actual urban sidewalks.  The city is trying to “spruce” up all the subway stations, its just some stations get first attention while other stations must wait it’s turn.

Inside the subway train is something different, there’s no way to “spruce” up the inside. The best bet for a clean, refreshed and trash free car is early in the mornings, after a certain time, it’s like nobody cares. Unless in extreme emergencies like clean up in aisle seven, the subway cars are pretty much inundated with glass bottles, soda cans, beer cans, plastic bottles, candy wrappers, potato chip bags, unwanted newspapers, food wrappers, and paper bags.

Variety of people ride the subway: students, young adults, teenagers, kids with their parents, adults, older adults, homeless, people who want to keep to themselves, people listening to music, people talking on their phones, people text messaging, people for some reason taking selfies (who takes a selfie on a subway?), people who like to have conversations with others, people who like to have conversations with themselves, quiet people, rowdy people, people that were nicely dressed for work or whatever, people who were casually dressed and people who’s dressing style was questionable.

On this particular day which I decided to go out, the subway was quiet, there was not even a person singing off-key while listening to music. I would not characterize this “trip” as boring, it was just uneventful. Once I reached downtown I got off the train. I crossed over to the other side and took the trip back home.

The subway trip back home was not as “quiet,” there was a young man, looks to be in his early twenties, his hair in short dreadlocks, wearing a plaid shirt, denim jeans with the legs rolled up, and navy-blue converse sneakers, decided to serenade (off-key) the train car until he got off the train at his stop, then the subway ride was quiet again.






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