No Regrets?


If there is anything I regret, I’m sure there are many, it’s never climbing or learning how to climb a tree. I always wanted to but was afraid, it’s a fear of heights fused by the fear of falling and getting hurt. But I wished I learned to do this when I was younger, I’m much too old now (although if I was in good shape, I probably would try) and experience too much pain to even try. Could you imagine an older person such as myself climbing a tree? That would be something for funniest home video or youtube®.

I wonder how it would feel to complete such a task of climbing a tree. Not an extremely huge tree but a small tree. How exhilarating it will feel, like you have finished the climb to the highest mountain, it would feel such a great accomplishment even though it’s only a tree (I guess being able to climb a sequoia is almost like climbing a mountain).

Then if the tree is tall enough, how it would feel overlooking some of the sites. Seeing other trees, grass, being closer to the sky and feeling taller. All I can do now is try to imagine, I have no real experience in climbing a tree, I guess it would be the same as climbing the money bars, I did accomplish that, although I was fearful of the height, it did feel good accomplishing this feat. But the seeing the sights from this height was great. Feeling tall, taller than almost anything, seeing other people from a different height, being high off the ground being close to the heights of the trees, closer to the sky.

If there is anything I learned is that sometimes it is worth taking a risk (in some things). Not taking risks leave open questions: What if?,  How would I have felt if?, And What would I had experienced, would it had been good or bad? Unfortunately when we don’t take risks (as long as it isn’t dangerous) we never know, we could only imagine. Wouldn’t knowing how the experience felt be better than imagining?


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