Treasuring Yourself

You are searching the world for treasure,
but the real treasure is yourself.


I am trying to read often as I can. I have to admit, sometimes I get distracted with television, wanting to be on Facebook  Twitter, or even wanting, needing to take a nap. Some books that I have read have useful, meaningful or inspirational quotes. This quote above came from a book I read, it could had been one of the poem books from Rumi or another author, I also so this quote from another blogger, Michelle’s Heart Song, while reading some blogs.

The true treasure, true love is yourself,  you need to appreciate yourself, love yourself as you would a gem, an expensive piece of jewelry. You are worth more than any material item that you can purchase. This does not mean you should be conceited or arrogant, it just means that you should accept yourself, truly appreciate yourself for who you are. When you love yourself, love being alone with yourself, comfortable with you and who you are, you can help others without the having expectations, have better relationships with friends, families and partners, enjoy life, and pursue personal and professional goals with confidence and success.


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