Moment of Peace

When I need an escape I travel on the subway (which is no traveling feat) and go to a place named Penn’s Landing, it’s a river walk port in Philadelphia, frequented by thousands, it’s a definite hot spot during the summer months, but visited during all seasons, even those who are brave enough to visit during very cold winter months.

I don’t know much of this place, except that it was named after the founder of Philadelphia, William Penn, I don’t know how the place become discovered, I know it was used frequently for imports and exports during the late 1600’s, basically all I know this is a place I like to go, to escape a seventeen year old at least for a little while, for a peace of mind and spirit. It’s not the most beautiful river walk I have visited, but when one has very little money or no money at all, this is one of the choices besides staying home.

Penn’s Landing stretches along the Delaware River. This river-walk is about ten blocks long, this is a very popular place for exercise enthusiast and athletes for their daily jog, run, or power walk. Many people take casual walks when the days are fairly nice, sunny, warm, even hot (I consider these very brave).

I have managed to take some pictures of this lovely place. It is a nice place to visit. A planning commission have been established to make constant improvements and development of this river-walk. Events are also celebrated primarily during the summer months. Weekends are full of family oriented events that range from multicultural festivals to various concerts.

DSC00272 DSC00275 DSC00279 DSC00280 DSC00285 DSC00286 DSC00287 DSC00299 DSC00300 DSC00302 DSC00304 DSC00268





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