The Dream

I feel I have to protect her, she looked so scared, so lost, so confused. She was all dressed up, pink pastel coat, white frilly dress, her hair in a Shirley Temple’s curls. Somehow she found her self all tangled in a web, a web of what looked like bubble gum, now I’m confused, how does one become wrapped in a web of bubble gum in all places a light house? I went over to help her, trying to get this stick stuff off her. I looked around seeing if I could spot her mother and there she was standing, scrunched in the corner. I was confused because I wondered why she was not helping her daughter.

My son and I were spending time together. On our walk through the city we came across a lighthouse, I thought this to be strange because lighthouses aren’t usually in the middle of a city, especially a very “hustle and bustle” city, where everyone is too much in a rush to even say “Hello” to a friend. He wants to go in, I reluctantly said yes, and we enter and go for the tour. This particular lighthouse was just like a maze and the steps seem never-ending. My son has gotten ahead of me and I was calling his name and trying to catch up, I was becoming angry because I did not like him to be so far ahead of me, I was at a stairwell when I saw this little girl so entangled and scared, everyone was walking by her, not trying to help, and I volunteered to help. I asked the girl, “Where is your mother?” She shrugged her shoulders. I looked around and saw the girl’s mother hidden in the corner, to me she appeared to be suffering a nervous breakdown, at the same time I was so scared about my child, I was hurrying in helping the girl, looking up once in a while staring at this girl’s mother, trying to understand, trying not to get angry because it appeared this woman was disheveled.

I finally got the girl free from the web of sticky goo, I could not understand how such sticky stuff get into a supposedly lighthouse structure (I was still confused why a lighthouse be in the middle of the city). Then when I turned to look for the little girl’s mother, she was gone. “Great! now it’s two people I had to search for, unbelievable, no good deed goes unpunished.” So I took the little girl by the hand and we continued down the steps to search for her mother and my son.

I finally manage to see the girl’s mother. I called out to her trying to get her attention, but she seemed to be going down the steps faster and faster. I hoped that my son was safe at the end of the steps and was waiting for me by the door, then upon a closer look, I saw my son in front of this woman. I made sure I had a good grip on the little girl as we quickly went down the stairs. I thought for sure she would wait for us at the doorway. We finally reached the bottom of the steps and the doorway, but I did not see the woman or my son. We walked outside and I saw the woman disappearing down the street with my son walking quickly beside her, they were several blocks away and all I could do is just stand there, holding the little girl’s hand, feeling very shocked.

People like to interpret dreams, if you search the internet you would come across an array of sources for determining the meaning of dreams. If I were to try to decipher the “code” of this dream I would be at lost because I haven’t got a clue. But for purposes of this daily prompt, I will give it a try.

I would imagine the little girl being trapped (the candy web), scared and confused represented me as a child, then here comes the grown up me, a little more confident me that has to help her out. So the adult me is helping the little girl me out of her trap, trying to make her feel secure, gaining her confidence, making her feel secure. Unfortunately, my childhood was something less to be desired so the candy web represents my undesirable trapped childhood.

Now the remaining of the dream, the mother trapped, hiding in the corner, I would say represented my mother, or for some strange odd reason it could represent me, we are talking Freudian here. I don’t know why this mother would run away and more importantly I don’t know why this mother would take off with my son. I think if I wanted to further interpret this dream I need a degree in Psychology.



This post was based on the Daily Prompt this particular post was Freudian Flips: The Daily Post: Do  you remember a recent dream you had? Or an older one that stayed vivid in your mind? Today, you’re your own Freud: Tell us the dream, then interpret it for us! Feel free to be as serious or humorous as you see fit, or to invent a dream if you can’t remember a real one.



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