Where were you when I need you?


Where was Google, Bing or many of the other Search Engines when I needed it?  I remember having to spend several exhaustive energy searching through library catalogs to find books on my research topic of “choice,” in order to successfully complete a research paper. Having to write down a group of numbers representing the Dewey Decimal System(another topic in itself) and walk through sections of the library in search for the books needed.  And if the library is large the walking itself was quite an exercise.

Or, having to look into what was called the Resource Book, which was a large book catalog that listed every periodical that existed in the library. I would imagine somebody really loved this job having to type set every magazine title, article, and brief summary that a library owned which could be grueling if the library is quite large. Obtaining the desired magazines did not require the same exhaustive exercise of walking through a large library or climbing “endless” stairs. This only involved taking a “note” to the resource desk and letting them do all the work of searching for heavy bound books that contained several issues of  magazines. The only feat was of course wait time and carrying that heavy bound book.

Now through the invention of the Internet and its various search engines, obtaining information on a given topic is much easily available with just typing in the desired information and a click. Life should be so easy. Even walking through libraries is different. Instead of several rows of long file cabinets each containing index cards that listed every book in the library, there are tables with ports to which to connect lab tops or several tables which desk tops rest. Either way life is so much easier with the invention of the glorious internet. Internet, I thank you even though “you” were a little to late to relieve my anxieties and woes.


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