Child’s Play







I can count the many things I loved about my childhood. My friends and I stayed outside for hours, we knew we were in trouble when our parents came looking for us, but we were having fun, not causing any trouble. We weren’t bothering older people, playing this knock out game, we knew better than that, if we were to ever disrespect older people we would be grounded for life.

I remember many games we use to play; tag, kick-ball, dodge-ball, hide-go-seek, jumping rope, jacks, so many games, games I don’t believe many kids know how to play anymore. One game I remember is hopscotch, I was surprise to see some kids playing this game.

One time my mother had to come looking for my friend and me when we were playing hopscotch, she told us we need to learn to break free from what you’re doing and come home. She did give me another chance to keep up with the time, I did not want to be on punishment, but childhood was fun, we weren’t trying to cause any trouble to or for anyone. We knew better.


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