Treasure Box

They stay hidden in a medium-sized file box that collects dust. The box currently sits in my basement, it is long with pretty wild flowers painted on it. The contents in this box date back as far as I can remember, many of them exist way before I was born, some way before my mother or uncle were born. Some of these pictures were from the mid 1900’s. These were pictures of my grandmother, of course, my great grandmother, great grandfather and my two great aunts whom I never met, my great uncles, whom I met. While I look at these older photos I imagine the personalities of these people I was not lucky enough to meet, I wonder about the life during those times, hearing my grandmother stories of those times and seeing these photos sparked my imagination. I just wish I had the opportunity to have met these relatives that passed before I was born, but am thankful for the ones I met.

The pictures are very old, a lot of them are faded with faces that are barely recognizable, I’m sure there are some with faces I have forgotten who they are or forgotten their names. These old photos, some torn, wrinkled and yellow with age, antiquated having a vintage quality, maybe that’s why I’m attracted to them. They are hardly ever thought, but for some reason I can not let go of them. Maybe it’s the voice of my grandmother that “plays” inside my head that says; “This is your heritage, this is “our” history, you need to hang on them to pass onto the next generation.

I’m hanging on to these old, antiquated photos, I don’t know why. I’m sure if I give them to my son he would just look at me as if I’m crazy, thinking that I’m so sort of hoarder(Seriously son, don’t you see I’m trying to de-clutter this house?)I know I need to get rid of some, especially those photos of people I no longer remember. But I let these old photos hang around for a while resting inside this medium-size file box with beautiful wild flowers painted on it.

As part of writing 101 assignment, the final assignment, tell the tale of your most-prized possession. If you’re up for a twist, go long — experiment with longform and push yourself to write more than usual.



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