Time to grow up

When my son was in eighth grade he asked me if I would ever try to be friends with his friends. He then went on to talk about a female classmate of his who was so frustrated and embarrassed by her mother because she tries to be friends with all her friends. The girl mother even go as far as to dress like the younger girls with her hipster jeans and midriff tops.

I told him he never had to worry about me trying to become chummy with his friends. I have boundaries and most of all, I have common sense. Why would I try to make friends with my son’s friends who first were more than half my age? I have enough trouble relating go people who are my age or older, I don’t need to try to “relate” to younger people who are much younger. Besides one hour of conversation with you and your friends will send me screaming (no offense).

“Why do people do that?” he asked. I said because they don’t want to grow up. They think that life is over when you get older or that it’s boring, they just can’t accept themselves so they try to do the impossible by trying to hang on to youth. I been there, done that and don’t want to revisit anymore so you don’t have to ever worry about me trying to act like I’m young, I appreciate my older age, creaky bones, cob webbed brains and all.



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