Love Letter to myself

Back when I was fifteen I did not love myself at all. I hated the way my body look, I hated being short, I hated to look in the mirror because I did not look like the faces in the magazine. As a result of this attitude, I made bad decisions when it came to relationships with men, I did not respect myself enough to end these relationships when I did not feel secure, I did not feel secure in the relationship or myself, I allowed the “men” to make all the decisions, I did not “stand” up for myself, I did not protect myself. I’m older now and unfortunately it took a long time for me to accept, love, respect myself, so I would like to write a love letter to my fifteen year old self.

Dear Beautiful:

You are worthy, worthwhile far more than you know or realize. Don’t let anyone overshadow you’re true self. You are not your body, your face, although these are apart of you, you are spirit, a soul, deserving of the best life, a loving life, a joyful life, a peaceful life, don’t let anyone take that away.

Cherish yourself, your life, it’s the only one you have, once this life on Earth is over, it’s gone forever, so make the best of this life on Earth. Don’t allow your worth to be judged by relationships with men, you are more than that, your self worth, self esteem, self confidence, your peace, your joy is not based upon relationships with a man, it is you, all you, do those things that make you happy, make you smile, bring you joy, don’t rely on a man or men to bring these things to you. It does not happen that way.

Embrace yourself, everyday, even those days you don’t feel that you don’t like yourself very much, give yourself a hug anyway, not just today, but everyday. Always remember you are deserving of a peaceful, loving, and joyful life. That love does not have to come from a man, it starts and ends with you. If you love you, cherish you, honor you, the love from others will come in time. It’s better when love and life flow, like water, instead of forced. When love flows it could be a beautiful thing, just like the flow of the ocean, when you force love it becomes disastrous.

So love yourself, everyday, realize you don’t have to force anyone to love you, because you accept you for you, you heard it all before, happiness and peace begins with you, happiness is on the inside, it is up to accept you and eventually everything else will fall into play.


5 thoughts on “Love Letter to myself

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. I think most of us go through periods where we really don’t like what we see in the mirror. I know I have, This is a wonderful reminder to focus on what really matters.

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