Mama’s Family

I recently read an article, actually what I considered to be an anecdote, that posed a question, “What TV family is similar to your family?” Some of the responses to this fun question really made me laugh, the responses ranged from the Cosby family to Duck Dynasty. So I began to think, what TV family is representative of mine.

One thing for sure we would not be Cosby family. My family have too much trouble and my family members don’t actually live such a “clean” life. My family is somewhat an extended family, nobody is married, those that were married are widowed and do not intend to remarry or date. It’s not actually Modern Family because most of the members of my family are oppose to homosexual relationships even though my family members don’t have such a “flawless” life.

So I’m going down a whole list of family by memory, the Bundy’s(Married with Children), the Evans (Good Times), Bunkers (All in the Family), Jefferson’s (Jefferson’s)…I was getting tired and my memory was fading, so I narrowed it down to two families, then finally I came up with a family that is somewhat similar.

The Ewing family (Dallas) could be a perfect match for us. It is an extended family and there’s definitely drama, there’s one thing missing, however, it’s money….we don’t have enough and probably never will.

The second is the Harper family (Mama’s Family). Now “we” match this family almost completely. Mama’s Family is a sitcom that aired in the mid to late seventies. There is a matriarch who is widowed and extended family members, the family members live less than an impeccable life and there’s always drama, most importantly this family was also middle class with little money.

If you ever watched TV family sitcoms like “The Middle” or “Modern Family” and wondered if your family resembled any of these TV family shows?


2 thoughts on “Mama’s Family

  1. I enjoyed this trip down memory lane. My son works on the show Modern Family. Come to think of it I like family shows, even if they are dysfunctional. Because as you point out, we all have our idiosyncrasies.

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