There is a new reality show as if life can get much better. “Married at First Sight” has aired on A&E where couples meet for the first time at “their wedding” then have a few weeks to decide whether to “stay” married.

I have to admit I did not watch this show, I find it too much of an act of desperation, it may be just me because I’m at the stage of my life where I really don’t need to be married, but what does it say about the individual seeking desperate to be married? Are they really confident in themselves, what is wrong with accepting the “cards” they are dealt are play this cards in a different way. If the goal is to have a child or children, what is wrong with adoption, sure it may not be the “ideal” goal, but sometimes goals need to be revamped or changed. It’s all about mindset.

I’m aware arranged marriages happen and I’m sure this type of arrangement, where the bride and groom meet for the first time at their wedding, in some cultures and tribes, but this is America, is this normal for America? With this “arrangement” there is much dependence upon a group of various therapist (psychologist, sex therapist, and a spiritualist) to make the “perfect” match, this is different from those dating websites where the process actually involves “marriage” or potential “marriage.”

I feel there’s enough judgement on looks, etc., why add on to the “pressure?” If “marriage” does not happen, it’s not the end of the world, one does not have to give up hope, however, but life goes on, a person may have to accept life as is, live life the best way possible, never give up hope, and enjoy life despite wanting to be married or wanting a child.

I already told you that this is something I would not do, would you participate in this type of arrangement?


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