All Comped Out


Something strange happened today in the amidst of my mail I’ve notice a handwritten envelope.
Now this is something you don’t see everyday. So different..So rare in this world of of high tech too complex for my mind to grasp. So I tossed aside my bills and what I assume to be junk mail and concentrated my energy on this beautiful envelope and what exists inside. I carefully opened it my heart jumping for glee what could be inside waiting for me. I smiled some more as I unfolded this letter written in cursive on stationery of wildflowers and hummingbirds. Something you don’t see everyday. Back to basics. Old School. The penmanship so beautiful, cursive writing so rarely seen. Complete sentences, no abbreviations LOLs, Ks, or IDK that I can’t understand. Handwriting so legible, sentences that I can understand I didn’t have to search on the internet for any acronyms. Back to basics. I was so impressed overjoyed with tears. That someone took the time to hand write it all out not just one page but many pages. Something you don’t see everyday in a world so busy. But at the end of this letter I was caught by surprise of the written words: Bye Cousin, hit me up on FaceBook.

Back to basics.


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