Guilty Pleasure

This was my guilty pleasure, maybe not so much anymore, I could not go a day without doing this, it consumed my every hour, well maybe not quite that bad, I was able to break away for several minutes, but I will be right back in it. I knew there were things that needed to be done such as housework chores, projects I wanted to to participate in, even places I could have been but instead I found something that really occupied my time, I thought this was the best thing since chocolate pudding (well not that good, but close).

This guilty pleasure, this sinful delight (at least for me) was Facebook. Yeah I know don’t cringe, but I was on almost all day and all night. I was not into the drama posted or was I into posting drama, mostly I spent a lot of time playing Facebook games, looking at cat or animal pictures, chatting with old high school classmates, but when I started to be self-employed, of course I had no choice to break free, then in time I devoted less time with Facebook and decided to occupy my time catching up with reading especially reading books I never took the chance to read.

I still spend some time on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, but not much. Most of my time is spent on another guilty pleasure Flickr, posting and “favoring” photos, but not too much, not as much time I was spending on Facebook.

When I log onto Facebook I do play the games mostly Farm ville, but I’m posting beautiful photos, inspirational quotes onto my Facebook wall. Once I accomplish my “goal” I’m off Facebook for the day. When I’m on Twitter, I’m “favoring” articles or getting writing prompt ideas. But I really enjoy posting photos to Flickr, viewing other photos and getting comments or helpful feedback on the photos I post.

There are some useful tasks to accomplish when using social media, mine involve looking for inspirational quotes and beautiful photographs. Doing these task make me feel good about myself and life in general. So this is how I procrastinate. How about you what your favorite procrastination task?

This posting is in response to Daily Prompt: We all procrastinate. Website, magazine, knitting project, TV show, something else — what’s your favorite procrastination destination?




10 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure

  1. My teenage nieces introduced me to Candy Crush when I visited Wisconsin last month. It was a fun filled game that I quickly became addicted to. Since returning home, I have not played. But, I am off to another vacation and look forward to opening the icon once again.

  2. I am currently having that Facebook dilemma so I can relate to you. The best thing is, there are so many other things to do. It’s great that you found what you love to do more and able to break away from FB’s pull 🙂

    1. It wasn’t like that in the beginning, it took awhile, it was when I became self-employed when my time became limited on Facebook or the computer for that matter, I just continued trying to keep the habit on limit my Facebook time.

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