Walk through the Forest



Finally a day that is cool enough to enjoy life, go for a walk, ride a bike, or sit outside on your porch. The past few days have been scorching, so hot that one could actually save on gas, go outside and allow the sun to cook the food. On this cool day I decided to go for a walk in a nearby trail. Walking through this pathway is almost like walking through a rainforest, I imagine, I mean I haven’t actually been to a rainforest, would love to someday, I guess, but it’s the woods or the forest some people may say, personally I don’t know the difference.

As I walk further down the path I am shaded by the canopy of trees which created such a cool relaxing breeze, I started to listen to the birds converse with each other, I wish I could understand their language, maybe I would be able to join in, maybe I can see if they were talking about me, I mean I’m somewhat invading their territory, I’m sure a lot of people who walk or run these trails also violate their home. I began to get tired and started to wish for a place to sit and rest, I thought I may have to turn around and walk back home but I can spot a bench further down the path.

I thought this would be great to sit in the middle of an umbrella of trees, watching how nature live and not really thinking about anything. As I got closer to the bench I had to wipe my eyes, twice, there was an orangutan sitting on the far right side of the bench. I thought I was daydreaming or maybe I was delirious,maybe it was a good idea that I sat down for awhile, maybe I was really fatigued and my eyes was playing tricks on me. 

I approached the bench, the monkey was still there, my tiredness was worse than I thought. The orangutan did nothing, just stared at me as I was staring at him, I sat down on the far left side of the bench, intentionally trying to avoid eye contact just in case this “scene” was for real and wasn’t a figment of my imagination. I sat for a while, not thinking, not talking, staring up at some very tall, fully leaved trees, then it began. 


I turned my head to stare at the orangutan and he spoke, again,


All I could do is stare in disbelief, my fatigue is really worse than I thought or I need to lay off the vodka for a few days.











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