Now that’s classic

“It was so exciting to go to the record shop and buy a piece of vinyl and hold it, read the liner notes look at the pictures, even the smell of the vinyl.”

~Martin Gore

There was nothing like it, at least in my opinion.People use to call them LPs, vinyls, records, or albums, whatever name was used, they were fun. I use to love the feel of them as I would twirl them in my hands pretending I was a DJ in a nightclub or at a party, I was at a party, my private party. I could not wait to purchase the next new album, competing with my friends who can collect the most LPs, vinyls, albums. This was where all my money went, I tried to collect many albums until I walked down into the basement one day and saw my mother collection. I thought to myself, I guess it was my mother who was the winner of collecting albums. This is one thing I miss, collecting vinyls, albums, purchasing albums because of their art work, beautiful colors and photos, now instead of collecting albums it’s CDs, and instead of the record player it’s the laptop, desktop or CD player, the sound I admit is more crisp, even though I have replaced most of my albums, records, and cassettes with CDs but I do miss the process of playing albums on the turntable or a big stereo and pretending I’m a DJ.

This was the trend for decades between the 50’s thru late 80’s maybe early 90’s, before the “creation” of the CD. Owning CDs do make life much easier, convenient. Instead of having those bulky eight track tapes piling in the car  when you want to listen to music while riding or driving, CD’s have been digitally remastered so the sound is much cleaner, clearer, very professional. Albums, LPs, CDs, records, vinyls, eight track or cassette tapes, may be old school style but I still miss playing albums and records, the feel of that vinyl in my hands, the process of placing them on the record player, and the sound, the fun.


2 thoughts on “Now that’s classic

  1. Brought back longtime memories. Thank you for sharing. I lived through the 78s, 45s, 33 1/3s, and LPs. As a teenager, I had quite the collection of 45s. Sadly, I have no idea what happened to this collection. As I grew older its importance lessened.

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