A little gratitude


One of the great pleasures of reading is the ability it affords us to peek inside the heads of fellow humans in all their flawed and glorious diversity.

~Mark Binelli

I try not to take things for granted but when I was reading this story it reminded me that I still take even the smallest thing for granted. It’s a blessing to have the ability to read and comprehend, I forget this sometimes, I become so preoccupied with the books, magazine or newspapers articles I read that I could not imagine what would happen to me if I should happen to lose my ability to read, I can’t imagine my world with out reading.

I was reading a recent article on Neurology Now about Esmeralda Santiago an author of a memoir and several other books who suffered a stroke. The type of stroke Mrs. Santiago suffered caused her to lose understanding of language thus, she lost her ability to read and understand language, she had to re-learn to read. Although she was frustrated she never gave up, she is not where she was in the past, it will take time for her to rebuild her skills, these very skills that we take for granted.

Although I admire her strength, I don’t know what I would do if I were to suddenly lose my ability to read, I guess I would have to stop feeling sorry for myself, being angry, eventually reach inside myself, accept what has happened and move on to overcome that obstacle. It’s events like this that helps us to be gracious for every little thing we are able to do.


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