You Are Worthy


Life is too short to constantly be around negativity. Negative “energy” can drain you, make you become stress and depress, who needs that, life is stressful and complicated on it’s own without other people bringing you down.

So instead of hanging around people who complain often, gossip about others, talk down to you and make you feel bad about yourself, let them go, search for people who lift you up, bring inspiration and wisdom.

Not In a Million Years

You can offer me a million dollars and I still won’t eat them. I can’t imagine for the life of me how many people can bare to eat this “delicacy.” If you are from the South, this is a very common dish, in fact you’re not considered “Southern” if you don’t eat or like this dish, what is this “fancy” feast….chitterlings. They look unappetizing before and after cooking them.

Now just in case you are unfamiliar with these delightful treat it is usually the small intestines of a pig (I chose not to do a picture of this, who wants to see intestines?) but sometimes it can be other animals such as cattle or some other animal.

I don’t care how they are “dressed;” chilli-pepper sauce, extra butter, mustard sauce, soy sauce….I don’t want them. When I think about chitterlings I’m reminded of green eggs and ham, I know it is “good” to try new things, but this one food item I can live without trying, no regrets, no sorrows, leave these southern delights off my plate.


Every year around the month of May or June Independence Blue Cross along with other company sponsors team up to promote the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, this event raises funds for various summer programs. This event got it start in 1980 with a little over 2,000 runners, today, over 40,000 runners participate in this annual event.

It’s a ten-mile distant run that starts from Friends of Shevchenko Park in the Logan, which is the northern part of Philadelphia and ends at the Philadelphia Naval Yard the southern most part of Philadelphia.

I admire these marathoners for having the endurance to complete this race, I don’t even think I can jog one mile let alone ten miles.

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Snow White

she yearned for that pure white snow

the kind that seems to invigorate her soul

not the kind that adds a sort of majestic beauty to an aged tree

or make little children playful and smile as each flake caresses their tongue

or as they watch fluffy fakes delicately dance as they fall from the sky

the snow she desires

the type for that immediate high

addictive to the spirit, body

 and the mind

the pure white “stuff”

that sends her mind on a trip,

swirling out of control,

the body shivers and sweats

as she misses it’s touch

I sit and watch

as she cries in pain

for its quench

that white stuff

this glorious beauty she calls