Mom!! I’m bored.


I did everything I could to capture your attention

 tempting you with your favorite toys: catnip ball, feather, ribbons, yarn of string

picking you up, holding you, cuddling you, trying to swoon you, talk to you

 still you weren’t having it

 I let you go about your day

The moment I sit in my favorite chair…trying to relax

 watch my favorite tv show, an old movie, a comedy

 diligently scan a magazine, read a magazine article,

 read a book

here you come

venting and raving

about feeling neglected, unloved, lonely

wanting, demanding, desiring my undivided attention

what I want to or have to do does not matter

you feel unnoticed, unwanted, slighted

I have to bow down to you, coddle you at this very moment, why?

because you’re







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