It was a class that I hated from the time I started elementary school until I graduated high school. I’m sure many of my class and school mates felt the same particularly the female students. My loathing for this class grew as I progressed to middle and high school. I did everything I could to get “out” of this class, faking various muscle pain, stomach aches, making myself vomit, purposefully eating sour food, when I was in middle school I somewhat went crazy with my antics that included jamming my wrist into a wall, making myself fall from the curb so that I can twist my ankle, and making myself fall down the stairs. I have to say I went a little bit too far, besides my mother was getting quite upset with me.

I hated PE (Physical Education)classes. I have to admit while I was in elementary school there were some, very few to be exact, activities I enjoyed, such as scooter race and parachute games, but as I got older and started to “develop,” PE class became so stressful to me that it really did give me pain all over. This was one class I did not miss and was so glad that it was over.


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