In today’s Daily Prompt the goal is to describe a hand-me-down. It could be clothing, toys, books, recipe, story, song, anything inherited, that is a legacy. This is my inheritance, whether or not it would be my legacy is undecided.

I really need to learn to be more thankful. I am blessed, I have to constantly remind myself as I rant, rave, and complain of the daily, weekly, monthly toils of this big, huge “hand-me-down” I do not want, but considering it is better to be “living” here than to deal with the many unpleasant elements of the streets; the weather, the people, the potential danger…I’m sure the list can go on.

I never really wanted this house, it’s very old, I mean very old. Originally built in 1907, I’m sure this history is impressive and this house let’s me know it has a history with it’s antiquated pipes, walls beginning to crumble, creaking floors, I’m constantly trying to catch up with patching and fixing, the one thing this house and I have in common is that we both are falling apart (in more ways than one).

So I could go on wishing for something better or accept what has been gifted or bequeathed to me and learn to take care of and cherish this old house. I’m not wealthy, so I can’t afford a new, fabulous place, other family members are in the same financial position, living with them is not an option, so I have to I will take care of this old house, “we” don’t actually have to love or even like each other, just learn to co-exist.

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