You Are Worthy


Life is too short to constantly be around negativity. Negative “energy” can drain you, make you become stress and depress, who needs that, life is stressful and complicated on it’s own without other people bringing you down.

So instead of hanging around people who complain often, gossip about others, talk down to you and make you feel bad about yourself, let them go, search for people who lift you up, bring inspiration and wisdom.


7 thoughts on “You Are Worthy

  1. This used to be so hard for me. I wanted to “love” everyone, and be there for them. I finally realized that some were never there for me….so I had to let them go. Now, I’m transitioning into full-on retirement planning and reinvention in order to let go of a negative career field. Life is too short. Thanks for the confirmation, my friend.

    1. I apologize for the late response.
      It’s important to put yourself first, respect yourself, love yourself, it does not mean to be arrogant with this, but if you take care of you first, then you can take care and help others. This doesn’t work for you if you are unhappy, you end up “burning” yourself out.

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