Today’s Daily Prompt is all about Halloween, no matter how you feel about this “holiday,” sometimes you have to do something a little fun or step out from the comfort zone.

This is the time of year I hate the most when grubby, snotty nose kids with their disgusting hands digging into my big giant bowl full of candy. And those costumes, these kids, if you want to call them that, think they are the cuties and they try to be so nice, so friendly, the ungrateful, little or big, ingrates.

My doorbell can’t get any rest tonight, just as fast as a close the door here comes a grimy, candy snatchers, grabbing at my too good for kids candy. Eeeeh can’t wait ’til this night is over with, why can’t they stay home with their parents and gobble their own candies, leave mine alone. Then again, I don’t have to buy candy, I can refuse to participate.

I noticed the bowl seemed very light, when I looked into the bowl, this is when I noticed it was empty, I panicked. My heart started to race, my palms and fingers started to sweat, I almost dropped the bowl. What do I do now? How can I keep this bratty kids coming to my door? I thought about dressing in as grim reaper. No! that’s an invitation to my door. Maybe a crime scene tape with a chalk drawn body. No! also an invitation to my house. Then a bright idea really entered my mind, well at least I hope it’s a bright idea. I know I had to act as quickly as possible, it’s a good thing I’m fairly organized.

So I made sure the door was unlocked and hope my house would not be invaded by a thief. I made sure the entire house was totally dark and quiet. I hid upstairs within the deepest crevice in the hallway and stooped low when my first victim stepped inside my abode. When I heard those creepy little voices saying “Hello” or complaining about being scared and wanting to leave. My tricked door slammed and I heard them beginning to scream, then my tricked out tape recorder clicked on with the sound of big dogs barking. Dressed in chains, I began to stomp down the hall attempting to mimic the running of dogs, just as fast as I stomped down the hall, the kids, I have no idea how many ran screaming from my house. I was laughing so hard I could barely contain myself.

This is one time I will value the power of word of mouth.



One of my favorite games as a child was the hula hoop and I have to say I was quite good at it, not excellent, which I was striving for, but good, and this eventually was good enough for me. The hula hoop was not just fun filled, but it was exercise, I really hated (and still do) exercising, but I really did not consider this to be exercising.

I use to be able to make this hula hoop move around my waist for a long time, not only did I master making this object move around my waist but I had eventually became adept with moving the hula hoop up and down several times without it hitting the ground.

Ask me to “conquer” this movement now would be impossible and laughable, but being able to do this is a memory that will put a smile on my face for years to come.

Que Sera Sera


Sometimes instead of stressing, forcing things to happen rather it be a relationship, making improvements in a relationship, advancement in a career, or pursuing a dream job, we need to take a deep breath, relax, and let things flow. Believe in yourself and your abilities, do the best that you can to accomplish your goals, things will happen, but it takes time, but stress is harmful to your life so just relax, take one moment at a time.

The meaning of…..


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” A great photograph has to be a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense and is thereby a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.”

~Ansel Adams

Opinions Matter

We all have a right to our opinions. Nobody has to agree with us nor should we “force” anyone to conform to our opinions no matter if we think we are “right.” The way we experienced life, our backgrounds, history, our living environment all influence our thoughts, our opinions. The reason I’m writing about this is the result of the news stating that the graduating students from University of California is revoking the invitation for Bill Mahler to speak at the 2014 fall commencement.

Bill Mahler is controversial, just as many public people, but as I stated above, we all have the right to our opinions. We don’t have to agree with each other. Instead of “revoking” the invitation, Mahler, even though he may be a controversial figure, should be allowed to give his speech. The students can refuse to listen, give a “quite” protest, such as turning their backs to the speaker, make posters; there are many quiet ways to protest the ideas, opinions of a speaker, trying to cancel a speaking engagement because the speaker’s opinions are debatable and not in accordance with the values of the university is not the way to respond.

I believe Mr. Mahler should be allowed to give his speech. The students can respond in many ways, as stated above, they can refuse to listen, they can make posters, or turn their chairs around with their backs facing the speaker. Show the speaker in a quiet, “non-threatening” way that Mr. Mahler’s  ideas or opinions are not appreciated.