It’s a wonderful life

I like capturing the moment. I never really thought about this before my interest in photography, maybe this is one of the reasons I enjoy photography so much even if I’m only a novice. I have developed the appreciation of the “moment” or being in that moment. Then once I capture that image, review on my camera, or upload to my computer I become more amazed. I can’t believe I, with the help of my faithful companion, my camera, created this image and sometimes I see elements in the image that my eye seemed to overlooked, this would be the second reason I enjoy photography.

Capturing something beautiful, getting caught in the moment particularly when I’m taking a photo of a landscape that caught my attention, getting the feeling of “loneliness.”  This is what I consider the “good” loneliness, when it’s just me and the object or objects I’m photographing. Since I have been posting and sharing some of my photos on-line have made me appreciate photography much more. Seeing the talents of other people and all the beauty that exists in other parts of the world now I have a “new” appreciation of life.

Life is not so bad or when I feel life is too bad or chaotic, I can review my photos and the photos of others, in the words of Louis Armstrong, I say to myself, what a wonderful world.

With this in mind.


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