Opinions Matter

We all have a right to our opinions. Nobody has to agree with us nor should we “force” anyone to conform to our opinions no matter if we think we are “right.” The way we experienced life, our backgrounds, history, our living environment all influence our thoughts, our opinions. The reason I’m writing about this is the result of the news stating that the graduating students from University of California is revoking the invitation for Bill Mahler to speak at the 2014 fall commencement.

Bill Mahler is controversial, just as many public people, but as I stated above, we all have the right to our opinions. We don’t have to agree with each other. Instead of “revoking” the invitation, Mahler, even though he may be a controversial figure, should be allowed to give his speech. The students can refuse to listen, give a “quite” protest, such as turning their backs to the speaker, make posters; there are many quiet ways to protest the ideas, opinions of a speaker, trying to cancel a speaking engagement because the speaker’s opinions are debatable and not in accordance with the values of the university is not the way to respond.

I believe Mr. Mahler should be allowed to give his speech. The students can respond in many ways, as stated above, they can refuse to listen, they can make posters, or turn their chairs around with their backs facing the speaker. Show the speaker in a quiet, “non-threatening” way that Mr. Mahler’s  ideas or opinions are not appreciated.


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