What makes a good storyteller?  When I was young attending elementary school there was once this young boy whom I thought was a great storyteller. He knew exactly how to draw people in…creating and keeping his audience. He was very entertaining and engaging, it was more than the words he used it was his tone, voice, and style all the elements that make up a good story. The way he acted out his words to the story was like that of a mime, a clown, or a comedian. This young boy was a character on its own, he too, just like the characters he created was very colorful, charismatic, he kind of reminded me of Red Skeleton or any of the earlier comedians (I’m sure I just told my age here), and he had the ability, the talent to make people really like him, or admire him even when they did not want to.

I thought he was very creative, inventive beyond his age, even though the stories he told may have not been true he seem to make them believable not only to me but to many of the school mates. He led me to want to know, live with, these characters. He told stories of his family, their crazy acts, behavior and beliefs. My young “friend” really kept us entertained on boring recess days, he had the ability to make us laugh especially when he would act out the voices and actions of his characters.

With this in mind that is what makes a good storyteller having the ability to keep the audience entertained through words, opening the imagination by being very descriptive, creating vivid images. Having the ability to create emotions rather it’s laughter, love, sadness, or happiness. A good storyteller have the skill to make the audience fall in love with or hate the characters, create the desire to want to tag along for the adventure, more importantly a good storyteller moves the audience in some sort of way either by causing the desire to act or react.

I hope someday to be this good storyteller. I believe it takes time sometimes it’s dependent on how I, as the storyteller, is moved by the story I have to tell. So what do you think are the qualities of a good storyteller.

This post is in response to the Daily Prompt: Spinning Yarns, what makes a good storyteller.

I know this much is true











“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”


It happens. We hear “stories” about a person that we love, known for a long time, trust, or admired and we can’t believe or don’t want to believe these “stories” are true. It could be about a loved one, a cherish, esteemed member of the community, an authority figure or even a celebrity. It can change the way we feel about that person, it can bring a feeling of extreme disappointment, but it reminds us about the realities of life, that we are human, we make mistakes, and the persons we loved, learned to love or thought we knew is not the person we who we thought.

The recent allegations (and that is what these stories are allegations until proven true) about Bill Crosby reminded me of how “truth” can change things. I remember when I was a teenager and was an active member of a Baptist Church there were “rumors” about the Pastor molesting young members of the church, when he finally admitted to this “charge” I found it hard to believe. This was a person who was trusted, held up on the “pedestal,” the last person in the world I would had thought that would do such a despicable act, but as I have learned to accept that no one is perfect, we are human, and some people have deep issues that need to be addressed at some point in their lives.

Although it may be disappointing or disheartening to hear harsh allegations such as rape, child abuse, etc., to be true, this is one of the lessons of life, the lesson that constantly reminds us that we never truly  know the heart of a person no matter the person’s popularity, fame, wealth, talent, or intelligence. Life constantly teaches us to put things in perspective and move on.