A time and a place

I’m not a very religious person. Although I grew up in a Christian home I don’t consider myself a Christian. I believe there’s a God, I believe there’s life after death, I even believe sometimes God gives me strength when I really want to slap someone beside the head, but this is not really about religion, I wrote this because occasionally I read the Daily Bread to get ideas and inspiration.

There is a saying, “There’s a time and place for everything,” and therefore there’s a time and place to speak. There are times we need to speak such as offer words of encouragement, giving advice, or trying to offer “words” of cheer. But there are also moments when trying to encourage or inspire are not appropriate, silence works better. It takes time to know when it is appropriate to encourage or inspire, it may be more suitable just to remain silent, hold the person’s hand, or maybe a hug.

Sure there are times when we should speak up and there are times when speaking up may not be wise, such as to “cuss” out a neighbor for being a nuisance. This may be a time to take a breath, take time to get the thoughts together so that the approach would be more comforting and less “stressful” or “dangerous.”

The important thing is to know the appropriateness when to speak up. Sometimes speaking or giving a speech may cause a more stressful situation, other times speaking up may make a situation comforting, inspiring. This is something we have to learn and a lot of times it takes listening to that voice inside our heads, our inner spirit, or intuition.

Sometimes I struggle knowing what to say, but I learn that sometimes I don’t have to say anything especially in those situations when the person is saddened or discouraged, a touch of the hand or a hug is more appreciated. Sometimes I don’t speak up enough, but in those situation, I know that if I do speak my mind it could it end bad. I know it’s a struggle for me, is it a struggle for you, knowing when to speak or not?


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