The Need to Tell All

In the age of social media; Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks sites, there seems to be a need to tell it all. A lot of people seem to be very eager to post their opinions, they can’t keep their opinions to themselves. There is a saying; “If you don’t have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.” People who have the urge to tell it all and to post everything that is on their minds, they really need to take a look at this saying and embed it to heart. It means keep your opinions to yourself.

What happened to writing in a journal or diary, every opinion has to be posted on social media. Every personal information has to be told. There was a time when people have something that is troubling to the mind people wrote their thoughts, opinions, ideas in a notebook, journal, or diary. But social media sites have changed this and some times people have to suffer consequences of their choices.

Recently a White House Official tweeted about President Obama’s daughters and was fired over these tweets. With all the news reports of people losing their jobs over hurtful posts about their jobs, bosses, or co-workers and you would think people would take notice and learn from this, but no, people continuously post thoughts that could be detrimental to their careers or personal life. When will it stop?

We must learn to take the moment to slow down, take a breath and think before typing our thoughts on social media sites and pressing the submit or enter button. Because once that button is pressed those thoughts are on cyberspace forever and anything typed can not be changed and can greatly affect our lives. If there is a need to type these thoughts, share these opinions, write it in a notebook, type it on the notes section of the phone, but most importantly we must learn to keep our thoughts to ourselves.


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