No Matter What



For You

What I want to do to you

I want to shred you to a hundred-thousand pieces

until you no longer exist

that is what you did to me

ripped away every strip of my soul

shattering my spirit

What I want to do to you

I want to seduce you

make you lust after the beauty of my body

letting you explore every curve

kiss your lips so passionately

build you up

to want more

than I leave

walk away

and let you fall

the way you use to

boost my hopes and dreams of forever being your forever mate

of reaching for the heavens

only to leave me


back to earth

killing me, my hopes, my dreams, my self

What I want to do to you

Forget you


More than…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Silver Screen.”

Young black women, you are more than your thighs and your hips. You are beautiful, strong, powerful. I want more from you. Take your place.

~Madea’s Family Reunion(2006)

I am a big fan of Madea the character from writer,director, and producer Tyler Perry.  It’s hard for me to determine my favorite movie, but I do enjoy watching many of Tyler Perry films, Madea’s Family Reunion is one movie that I can watch over and over without becoming overwhelmed or bored. There are many quotes from Tyler Perry’s films that are inspirational and thought-provoking but I imagine this implies to most movies, but one quote I particularly like; “Young black women, you are more than your thighs and your hips. You are beautiful, strong, powerful…” Although this was targeted to black women, this quote implies to all women of every nationality, race, ethnicity, and religion.

Women, young women, girls need to know they are more than their bodies. What is on the outside is superficial, it changes, so we should not become overly obsessed with what is on the outside. We are spirit, souls with emotions, opinions, thoughts, and experiences that make us into who we are. There is nothing wrong with working on outward beauty, but we really need to focus on who we really are, how we think, react, believe, focus on being kind, making good decisions, living wiser. Our outward appearances, inner beauty, and wisdom makes us who we are.

Although there is nothing wrong looking spectacular on the outside, everything we do should be for ourselves, not to get some “guys” attention, we should want the attention to be on what make us “tick” not how our butts and thighs look. So what do you think? Do you agree?